Sunday, 8 July 2012

7th University of Sydney TESOL Research Network Colloquium

A Free Colloquium

Sponsored by
The Faculty of Education and Social Work and The Centre for English Teaching, The University of Sydney, Australia

Saturday September 1, 2012


The University of Sydney TESOL Research Network Colloquium aims to provide a forum to discuss and share research in the area of TESOL as well as explore possible future research collaborations in this area. The Colloquium is a place for networking, for both established and new TESOL researchers. The Colloquium includes presentation sessions on a wide range of TESOL and TESOL-related research, both in progress and completed. It also includes a networking session for people working in the area of TESOL research. The aim of this is to provide the opportunity for TESOL researchers to talk to each other about their research and to explore possible future research collaborations.

Keynote Speakers

·       Rod Ellis, University of Auckland: “Sorting Out Some Misconceptions about Task-based Language Teaching
·       Lindy Woodrow, University of Sydney: “Directions in English Language Learning Motivation Research
·       Huizhong Shen, University of Sydney: “Symbolic Interaction in PhD Designs by Bilingual Students: A Culturally Interactive Perspective

Proposals are invited for

·       25-minute paper presentations (20-minute presentations followed by 5-minutes for questions/discussion)
·       90-minute symposia (80-minutes for presentations followed by 10-minutes for questions/discussion)

Instructions for submissions

·       Individual papers: A title, a 250-word abstract plus a 50-word summary of the abstract (plus your name, institution, email and telephone number).
·       Symposia: A title, a 500-word abstract plus a 200-word summary of the abstract (plus your name, institution, email and telephone).
·       Submission deadline: Submission has now been closed.

Free Pre-Colloquium Workshops (Friday August 31, 2012)

·       Workshop 1 (9.00 am - 12.00 pm): Jack C. Richards, University of Sydney: “Designing Materials for Teaching Listening
·       Workshop 2 (1.00 pm - 4.00 pm):  Anne Burns, University of New South Wales: “Teaching Speaking: Theory into Practice
·       Registration for the workshops: Registration has now been closed.

Further Inquiry

Contact Aek Phakiti (

Pictures from the 6th TESOL Research Network Colloquium 2011

Professor Brian Paltridge (University of Sydney) and participants in the 2011 TESOL Colloquium

Professor Cynthia White (Massey University) during her keynote presentation "Enquiry into individual emotion within the complex dynamics of language learning: Significance, challenges and prospects"

Professor Mike Baynham (University of Leeds, UK) during his keynote presentation "Genre, scale and trajectory in academic literacy studies"

Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank (University of Sydney) during his keynote presentation "Maximising language learning in and out of the class: Learner autonomy and classroom dynamics"

Katherine Brandon (English Australia)

Professor Anne Burns (University of New South Wales)

Dr Wei Wang (University of Sydney) launching academic books


Wen Chao Tu (Sara), a recipient of Dean's Award for an Outstanding Master of Education (TESOL) Dissertation 2010, for her research "How universities in China introduce themselves in Chinese and English on the Internet: A contrastive genre study", supervised by Professor Brian Paltridge

Andrew Isaac Allan, a recipient of Dean's Award for an Outstanding Master of Education (TESOL) Dissertation 2010, for his research "Interactive whiteboard technology in the ESL classroom", supervised by Dr Marie Stevenson

Cynthia, Anne & Aek

Research students/audience

Research students/audience

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